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Lead School Program 

The Neuberger’s Lead School Program seeks to keep Holocaust education relevant and current for the ever-changing learner. Chosen schools will demonstrate the “next practices” in Holocaust education with unique opportunities throughout the year.

Through specially designed programs that meet curricular goals, Neuberger education experts have developed a series of offerings which incorporate cutting-edge and innovative technology to ensure your school is at the forefront of Holocaust education. It promotes independent learning, builds on critical thinking skills, and creates a pedagogically sound environment where students can discover history and make their own connections to the past.

What is included in the Neuberger Lead School package?
  • A specialized program, using innovative technologies brought into your classroom led by professional educators. This customized program will be offered during the month of November to coincide with the Neuberger’s annual Holocaust Education Week.

  • A subsidized and reserved spot at the Neuberger’s signature annual professional development seminar for educators. This includes coverage for a substitute teacher in your classroom the day of the program.

  • Exclusive access to innovative resources and educational materials curated by the Neuberger for students and teachers.

  • As the lead educator you will become a Neuberger Education Ambassador where you will have an opportunity to preview and participate in the development of new programs and tools.

  • Ongoing support and mentorship from Neuberger education experts as you continue on your path of Holocaust education in the classroom.

  • A trip to the Holocaust Education Centre to explore our onsite museum, its artifacts and temporary exhibits including USC Shoah Foundation’s New Dimensions in Testimony.

  • Advanced notice of special education programs such as the Holocaust Educator Study Tour (Vienna/Berlin and Poland) and Student Symposia