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Book Talks

Learning from the Germans Community Reading Program

Join us for a specially curated community book read program led by Neuberger professionals featuring guest speakers and culminating in a live talkback with author, Susan Neiman. The program will be run through the Virtual JCC and, where participants will be able to discuss the book, access further readings, and vote on future Community Reads. A registration link will be posted shortly.

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Participation is free, but participants should obtain a copy of the book themselves.

Susan Neiman is an American moral philosopher, cultural commentator, and director of the Einstein Forum in Berlin. She is formerly a professor of philosophy at Yale University and Tel Aviv University, and is the author of Learning From the Germans: Race and the Memory of Evil (2019), Evil in Modern Thought: An Alternative History of Philosophy (2002) and Slow Fire: Jewish Notes from Berlin (1992), along with several other works.

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Launch // Part 1

Wednesday, 4 November // 7:30 PM


Recently, we have witnessed significant reckonings with history and memorialization occurring against the backdrop of increasingly emboldened white nationalists and terror attacks. As social movements gain momentum in removing monuments to white supremacy and colonial genocide, it’s important to look back at how Germans confronted their past in the wake of the Second World War and the Holocaust. What were its successes and failures, and what can the German experience tell us today? Join us as we launch our Community Read of Susan Neiman’s Learning from the Germans: Race and the Memory of Evil (2019). During the launch, the book’s prologue will be contextualized – it is recommended that participants obtain a copy of Learning from the Germans and read this part prior to the first meeting.

Check-In // Part 2

Wednesday, 18 November // 7:30 PM


Join us for part two of Learning from the Germans Community Reading Program. Neuberger professionals and Afua Cooper will discuss part one and two of the book. Dr. Cooper is the Chair of the Scholarly Panel on Lord Dalhousie's Relationship to Race and Slavery and a Professor at Dalhousie University. Dr Cooper will present on how slavery and anti-Black racism has and hasn’t been commemorated in Canada, and program participants will have the ability to ask questions about the book and presentation.

Conclusion // Part 3

Wednesday, 2 December // 2:00 PM


Join Neuberger staff as we discuss part three of Learning from the Germans, considering the role that monument building and memory culture play in preserving and silencing various histories. Participants will hear from author Susan Neiman tying the book’s focus into confronting histories of colonial genocide in Canada and will have the opportunity to ask our guests questions. They will also be joined by Karine Duhamel, the Director of Research of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.